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Worst Vacation Ever

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Look at this place! It's so boring, and the sand is like a bunch of tiny spikes spitefully poking my feet.
Their library is full of books, which is the worst. I didn't come on this vacation to read. It's all just "Knowledge of the Important Thing" and "Philosophy is so Cool". Spoilers, it's not cool.
The sculptures were these huge abominations that scrape the sky. Why even build them if they're going to block the best thing this place has? At least the Suns don't annoy me as much as everything else.
The "ruins" were in terrible condition. Hardly a "must see attraction", and everything leaked a reddish dusty thing. Like, I get that the ruins are ruined, but at least furnish the place and clean it up a little.
The Sun alters were so kitchy, and there were hardly enough bathrooms. I had to wait for three hours, and by that point, the poop had almost ejected itself from my body like a spacediver with…

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